About Us

Heart Force Medical Inc.

Heart Force Medical Inc. is a Vancouver based Company that is developing the SPhENo – Cardiograph™. The SPhENo – Cardiograph™ is not currently licensed anywhere in the world. The Company has patented its technology and is in the process of securing Health Canada certification. We are now moving toward the commercialization of our technology.

Heart Force’s SPhENo – Cardiograph™ is a non-invasive device that measures Systolic Timing Intervals (STIs), a key indicator of heart health (1-5). The test will capture data from a three lead ECG and proprietary Seismocardiograph (SCG) sensor. The SPhENo – Cardiograph™ will capture over 1000 data points per second to determine the Systolic Time Intervals (STIs) to assess left ventricular performance. These measurements are predictive of heart performance (1-5). STIs are clinically proven (1-5). The SPhENo – Cardiograph™ test will enable a quick and inexpensive assessment.

Modern medicine is switching from reactive medicine – trying to treat or fix health problems – to proactive and holistic approaches that address the root causes of society’s health issues. This is the focus of the Health and Wellness industry. The number of Wellness practices is increasing.They are targeting fundamentally preventable problems such as obesity, inactivity, poor nutrition, and chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Heart Force is directing its launch activities for the SPhENo – Cardiograph™ on the Health and Wellness industry focusing on such providers as Naturopathic Doctors, fitness centers, health risk assessment companies, corporate wellness organizations, weight loss centers and similar alternative health care professionals. We believe the SPhENo – Cardiograph™ device will provide subjects and users with a fast and non-invasive assessment of cardiac performance using STIs that may contribute to the early detection of heart disease.


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